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I am pleased to get the opportunity to address you! My name is Dr. Peter Meier, but that is not who I am! I am fulfilling my life with the basics by studying and identifying to model, first the physics of re-entry conditions, then as IT-coach, business and personal trainer and since 1979 as founder of Applied Personal Science APS. Born Nov. 5, 1944, at 35 I began to follow my vocation to work out APS and that changed my life completely. The call of my being has given me the experience of how to care, understand and create synergy in preparing processes between my essence, and that of reasonably open people interested in their life- through task-fulfillment. Modeling and following the very best basics in those fields has led to the discovery of new qualities including the key to work/life balance that I have acquired after 14 years as a physicist and 5 years as an IT- and business consultant. Within a week after the basic insights I then founded APS and since then have made it fully operational to model any human system's options and their consequences. Applying this so far almost everywhere missing science has resulted in amazing and unique results with thousands of people world wide. Many of them obtained a relevant understanding of their work/life balance and applied it to improve thei,r quality of life, career, health and financial conditions; the potential is of global relevance in this critical century for human survival!

The Avanced APS approach is based on models of human systems in terms of 1728 open-ended generative principles, whereby one really does justice to the relationship truth relevant for a specific person, say your life- through task fulfillment. And that covers a range far beyond what wordy, i.e. personally-neutral theology-philosophy-psychology can cover, based on a really relevant scientific understanding of individuals, their personally relevant human nature. With the APS-oegp-concepts and experiencing them, you need no longer to learn to fulfill your life task the hard way, so long as you consciously apply your relevant parameters with understanding and love to life fulfillment. This has nothing to do with consuming at first enthusiastic, content free practical or personally neutral recommendations for improving life; you learn to use these as means to your innate purpose of lifefulfillment. There is nothing more practical than applying personally relevant relationship truths! Therefore, I can, based on sufficient proofs honestly declare that, even if you have studied, read and passed other programs and training, APS allows you to experience and discover inspiring opportunities beyond what has been organized in the zeitgeist, which I call OPTION I! That opens your access to the path that in truth leads your OPTION II for which you are meant to be here for. Following your vocation beyond what your name so far means, will make a big difference in your present life to the degree you face the challenge to understand what man-made OPTION I methods and power cannot achieve, to love others like yourself.

To begin with, I understand that we do not know each other and you yourself on the OPTION II level of synergy, and that you have not yet encountered or even heard of such a possibility. However, unlike say in physics where experiments are required to understand its formulas, you have already encountered all the necessary experiences to appreciate the possibility to model your options as an orientation supporting your conscience in fulfilling your life without the usual disrupting stress. Therefore, I invite you to study this site until you get to my offer for a free, open training session about what is usually called "being happy with your possible success". You are guaranteed to get the substantial understanding that works to the degree you are open for it with integrity! This will widen your openness for synergy, beyond political correctness and the censorship of your self and that of others. In working with you I will focus on your substance, beyond insubstantial hypes like "getting a new vision, opportunities, resources and practical tools have o make your life better" and so on. Together we can get to the point, where you no longer need to sublimate the disruptive shortcomings of OPTION I we have all grown up with...

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