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The Time has come to overcome the still prevailing intellectual frame work of knowledge work! Its thinking catastrophes evoke the kind of human catastrophes we can no longer afford! And that should be the onset to consider to have the prevailing OPTION I know-ledge work to be reframed by a critical number of people who are fulfilling their tasks with their innate OPTION II conscience!
The capability to experience that, I call soul...

Let's keep an Overview as a Study Guideline

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It is all about why overcoming the flee circus under OPTION I:

... with your innate OPTION II is the most rewarding experience you can get in your life,
and about how to reframe your mindset to the one out of 24 possible ones which allows that.
Then you get access to your innate strategy the attitude which is kept secret by obscuring it to inhibit it under OPTION I! So this is not about mass-attractive quick fixes; it is about what supports you in facing the basic challenge in your life! It requires, beyond the insubstantial emptiness, your optimism to optimize your glass half full to not end-up emptied - soulless, insubstantial; your own worst enemy, as a trouble source, part of the problem you might still pretend your other- and self-conditioned mindset is the solutions of:

Here is the Structure for your FREE Studies:
beginning in the Home for OPTION II

Introducing 1-to-1 Lifefulfilling Coaching



This academy is not an institution of secondary education, nor about higher learning and research, but of lifefulfilling understanding.



Synergy is the open-ended generative answer of life to its otherwise unavoidable pgeo-disruption in a world demeaning life's oeg-substance.


ou can apply to get access to more
FREE-Case Studies to make-up your mind
towards synergy to up to...

I am open for your Q&A and Feedback

(1/suggested study order) LifeFulfilling LifeFulfilling Consulting Foundation: This site by Responsible supports people to tune their mindset to who they innately are and what they are here for to fulfill - their nine basic functions  F1-9 (F1-9, oegp, real human being, oegp-parameterization, Dr. Peter Meier, Pre-Trans-Trap, Jesus, scribe, mindset, OPTION I, LifeFulfilling Consulting Foundation, LFCF, goal, procedure, internalization, synergy, work/life balance)

(2) Foundation  There are 2 Foundation Narratives to face: They cannot be the solution, they are the challenge to choose between, or else react to OPTION I and the so far, in religion, esoteric and science purposefully underdeveloped attempt to do justice to OPTION II (narrative, live, evil, OPTION I, Lino Guzzella, 10 commandments, scribe, Damocles sword, Pharisees, politics, Pope, zeitgeist M/O stress, Isaac Newton, Isaac Asimov, MATRIX, death) 

(13) Life Management Responsibility for one's self-determined Life-Fulfillment: We all try to manage ourselves and at our wits' end, others; more or less conscious of the §2-purpose and the consequences on our life's B3-path. We hardly get effective support from each other or the culture we are in; IT wants to manage us in the ZG-zeitgeist by conditioning us to adapt to the ZG's trend. (self, others, point of no return, decision, management, life, basis, mutate, select, hate, fear, pope, emperor, Judas, Peter)

(14) Crossroad Your Worldly Life began with Other-Determinedness: Consider how the labor, the way by which you were born; then you can understand the mindset you have chosen to cope with this new world you are not of! Its bottom-line p-principle is to instrumentalize you under OPTION I, against whatever other OPTION II e-end you have in mind (birth, culture, sacrifice, prejudice, choice, empathy, understand. pre-trans-trap, spin, boiling frog, reformation)

(15) Challenge The Challenge of Understanding versus Appearance: The choice is between one of the 23 mindsets converging to wasting your life as an adapted child of the zeitgeist, or fulfilling your "natural child" i.e. your appropriate X-lifefulfilling o-open e-ended g-generative p-principle. (mindset, appearance, Creator, MATRIX, sheople, people, social Darwinism, collective archetype, empathy, equanimity, apathy, psycho-politics)

(3) Academy Adequate coding of relationships up to LifeFulfilling Platforms: It is not about P-promoting appearances S-supported with wordy hypes; it is, after due A-analysis, about adequately parameterizing real human systems C-consider examining the difference what the intellect projects! (academy, free to, free from, people, palace, temple, intellect, pre-trans-trap, LifeFulfilling Platform, conscience, interest, relationship truths, substance, basics, Existential Love-Coding)  

(12) Elevator Pitch Relevant Basics for my pitch, beyond visions and dreams; to be more than hot air, Applied Personal Science APS© is required just as the mathematical expression of physics is required to become more than an alchemist tinkerer and bluffer...(Applied Personal Science APS, meaning, empathy, zeitgeist, Age of Disruption, scapegoat, Constantine the Great, reframe, reform, Namaste, Jesus, path-truth-life, death, Creator)

(7) History as outlined first of all in the Bible: The literary assault on faith and religion is on the march against substantiating it as is the focus of lifefulfilling consulting. The ZG-zeitgeist progression is more than enough to undermine the claim that we need God in order to be good. Humanity, though modernizing in technological terms, is rather falling back from any hopeful moral or social direction even if the elite of the establishment of the prevailing mindset agrees that a settled faith is required for society building of their kind. (literature, faiths, atheist, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, technology, existence, question, science, Moses, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity, philosophy, religion)

(8) Present Age  31-left/42-/right Intellect; Stephen Hawking, The New Science icon, Donald Trump versus Kim Jong-un: Stephen William Hawking has qualified to oepg-optimizing the new p-zeitgeist's principle of the disruptive g-generation of separating the wheat/substance from the prevailing chaff/intellect...(Stephen Hawking, Pope, Galileo, pop-science, icon,, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, existence, synergy, hate-code, love-code)

(4) Synergy What it means to achieve it under OPTION I, with OPTION II: Synergy is the open-ended generative answer of life worked out here to its otherwise unavoidable pgeo-disruption in a world demeaning life's oeg-substance. Since antiquity this disruption is enhanced by insubstantial intellectual p-principles, now of the globalized OPTION I world... (synergy, substance, consequences, operational, concepts, parameter, reframing, free will, session, unique self)

(6) Business Model Your business model should do justice to your life- through task-fulfillment; to nothing else that disrupts and pre-trans-traps your soul, for you cannot serve o-God/life fulfillment and p-Mammon/mass-attractivity (business, promise, task, life, business, profit, stress, death, truth, relationship, mass, attractivity, responsibility, orientation, manipulation, pre-trans-trap)

(5) Consulting What Types earn what Money: Here is an overview of the relevant types of consultants and their driving force to help to make up your mind about how you want to move from your actual situation towards a more desirable one, and what you need for this from a relevant consultancy...(consultant, intellect, frame work, project, transactional analysis, human system, potential, understand, free will

(9) LAST CALL for oeg-actions supported by LifeFulfilling Consulting, o-opened up by Swiss-Aussie-Canadian pioneers as a LifeFulfilling Platform where courageous cooperation in synergy become possible following the oeg-call. It entails an educational impulse for inspiration and networking to allow synergy in your own work.  (Swiss, Aussie, Canadian pioneer, LifeFulfilling Platform, Life- through Task-Fulfillment, OPTION II, path, truth, life, human)

(10) Useful Hints: A service for you towards your life-through task-fulfillment and some useful references to business tools for making use of the OPTION II mindset beyond the 23 misleading ones for fulfilling your inner resources with their relationship truths (health, wealth, wellness, business, tool)

(11) Case Studies - FREE Doorway to synergy based on the LifeFulfilling Consulting Foundation: How would you like that one out of 24 possible mindset in which you can grow predictably in any situation; with or without opinions as long as you remain conscious about fulfilling that one with your innate substance? Among 23 insubstantial others, that 24th mindset was kept secret, now ignorantly obscured by the arrogant elite! This is exemplified with Donald Trump and what we achieve in sessions and workshops versus the new science icon. (mindset, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, synergy session, science icon, workshop, options, relationship, reframing, Applied Personal Science, APS, synergy, parameter)

Applied Personal Science#3 APS© - Mankind has learned to calculate almost everything, but most people know very little about themselves. What a person feels about their inner world is not identical with the way they are seen in the outer world with their culturally organized prejudices. This is a severe challenge for most people.
Children are still allowed their own inner experience. Adults often deliberately set up barriers to keep others away from their inner intelligence and potential. They prefer to convince each other that they must become a formally certified expert before they have any meaning in society. New parents know how valuable their child is, even if when observed from the outside, the child cannot yet do much but giving meaning to a caring culture. However, the inner being is already taking charge of the new human's life, because it is already there! It is the only sustainable quality, which remains until the end of your life too. But then, the inside, the inner compass / conscience; the oeg-experiencing soul, is curtailed - pre-trans-trapped, made to fit p-bound wordy denotational, i.e. personally-neutral society. As an adult, investigating the inside is dismissed as childish, naive, selfish, or superficial; merely subjective. Even if an individual in search of him-/herself gets in touch with the innate inner potential, there is always the temptation to go on carrying out harmful actions, which affect one’s self, and/or others. This is simply when one is not very appreciative of one’s potential and the orientation to be considered to fulfill it in creative eustress/flow, rather than waste it in distress. There is very little orientation in society about what the inner self really is, and what it really means. We would rather suppress each other so much that in the past it was often only possible for a hermit to reach a lifefulfilling state within his inner self. Today, even the hermit’s life is barely possible. Nevertheless, like everything else in this world, the inner life of a person is ordered according to a principle that can be parameterized in relevant social dimensions. A science without reality – and / or substance-related parameters, is not a true science that is rather than a misleading curse, a blessing.

Even music uses parameters; about notes, volume, hertz/frequency and so on. Constructive art is subject to laws of color, shape and perspective, but its works, let alone those of disruptive art, are not life, at best a incomplete maker which allow to relate to what is not yet understood. APS on the other hand points to life in a way to allow understanding its personal relevance just as physics allows the content-free modeling of lifeless nature with mathematics. In it self it APS is nothing more than a system of insights appropriately expressing the results of the meticulous exploration and understanding of real person's inner workings and relationship truths, undertaken since 1979 by me - beyond what my name means, trained and experienced as a physicist in experimenting and modeling so far unexplored phenomena beyond the available textbooks. From 1979 my vocation made me turn to the laws of inner life. They allow consciously exploring, modeling and simulating the options and the consequences of giving meaning to them as experienced in human existence towards. To the degree of understanding one's inner potential the possible fulfillment of one's individual's life becomes consciously possible. Thus, hopefully before the point of no return, the way is now open to move away from the cultures of disrupting disputes, to the culture of mutual understanding towards synergy on LifeFulfilling Platforms.

Advisable For Advanced Students who have qualified with 1-11 above, only; though this advanced pages are personally relevant#3, not content-free#1 like physics, which you can only understand with having understood the relevant mathematics, only students who have learnt to experience (soul) and give meaning (spirit) to their life (body) with a oegp-mindset can deal with the advanced site instead of getting their 8 dark inner evil voiced triggered to get even more encapsulated in the OPTION I MATRIX - so making around other than in the above order 1-11 is at your own risk...

Human Systems fulfill the relevant options of their substance;
OPTION II can be modeled with relevant open-ended generative principles!
The ZG-zeitgeist makes people dance around its prevailing icons;
in permanently self-destructive ways from to Golden Calf, among others to Stephen Hawking,
as a
science idol; we rather need a sustainably lifefulfilling think-system - here you find it!

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