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OPTION II for real Human Beings, Coaches & Consultants:

Under OPTION I you are asked to pick a niche you are interested in ways to become mass-attractive in the way you talk about people to find out what their problems are. Then Consultants I teach you their methods to find out what potential clients would pay you for your services, and how to deliver and scale them efficiently. Then they teach you the corresponding skills for the 5 steps of identifying niche - problem, market value of your solution, obtaining the required skills to making a profit as is necessary to earn your living.

With OPTION II you can deal with what is sufficient for YOUR personally relevant Life- through Task-Fulfillment. You may use the navigation above and best begin with the content summary to find out what that entails and what Consulting II offered here is about. And here is an an offer to get access to a free case study about

How to reformat your mindset towards Life-through Task-Fulfillment

The FREE Case Study you get access to by filling out the form below reveals:

- Your options to format your mind and its consequences

- The secret one out of 24 possible mindsets

- and how to internalize it towards life- through task-fulfillment and work/life balance

Are you are interested in a mindset in which you can grow predictably in any situation; with or without opinions as long as you remain conscious about fulfilling that one with your innate substance? Among 23 insubstantial others, that 24th mindset was kept secret by the elite! This is exemplified with Donald Trump and by what we achieve in our Synergy Session versus the new science icon. To work out our session to prepare you for the FREE Case Study requires:

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