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The Time has come to overcome the still prevailing intellectual frame work of knowledge work! Its thinking catastrophes evoke the kind of human catastrophes we can no longer afford! And that should be the onset to consider to have the prevailing OPTION I know-ledge work to be reframed by a critical number of people who are fulfilling their tasks with their innate OPTION II conscience!
The capability to experience that, I call soul...

Biological Life requires sufficient synergy to be fulfilling...

Synergy is the open-ended generative answer of life to its otherwise unavoidable pgeo-disruption in a world demeaning life's oeg-substance.

Since antiquity this disruption is enhanced by insubstantial intellectual p-principles, now of the globalized OPTION I world.

With such principles, intellectuals, virtualizing scribes, spin doctors & Co. have managed to successfully obscured the evoked rhetorical dynamic of their hype words.

They do everything to inhibit too many minds from gaining clarity about the consequences! And they cast out anybody with appropriate operational concepts like I daring to introduce the necessary oegp-mindset that can do sufficient justice to a human systems' relevant parameters of his or her substance:


Believing in the 6 intellectual levels (collapsed Nov. 24, 2016) of

?0-Evolution: You confuse/mutate the challenge of the ZG-zeitgeist with your selective ?0-illusion of the consequences; then what is politically 31-left is firmly defending their intellectual "right" with the 31-gpeo (generating along a principle which ends any opening - so >3 unsatisfied with the 42-right, that any, even >1 very bad means against them are made justified; definition for precise identification towards reframing before the point of NO return from civil war - what lifefulfilling consultation is among others about) left wing intellectual INTERnational-socialist mentality. In order to aspire superiority over the right wing ideology, seen as so >3 unsatisfactory, that under OPTION I every, even >1 very bad means seem justified against them instead of possibly giving in before the point of NO return to the your OPTION II challenged that way...

*3-Emancipation: You materialize the fear of the risks you don’t want to take by *3-egoistically manipulating any assurance that man does not live from bread alone with social Darwinism, rather than taking the necessary risk of fulfilling your substance...

+2 Opinions about more of the same: You suppress your competitors by dividing them from their substance in order to control them with your convictions; hopefully resulting both of you to becoming aware of OPTION II!

-4 Free will: You detach from what appears -4 unpleasant, you determine your reasoning yourself about what you are prepared to get engaged in for either simply giving in to OPTION I's return on investment like a 42-right wing national-socialist or capitalist who wants >4 peace for his gepo-business (generating a desirable end, toward which their spin doctors invent principles to inhibit any moral opening in fear of the left wind intellectuals beyond it); better to fulfilling his or her OPTION II beyond what is >2 bad in this world.

%1-Considerations, towards domination: You approach others with empathy until you can confront them to transform towards your kind of %1-political correctness as a "human", rather than opening up for OPTION II beyond pre-trans-trapping...

%6-%5-Demands, away from what is meaningless with the optimism of being able to optimize your %6-projected understanding of what requires a meaningful %5-intervention in society...


In the Synergy Sessions you can apply for,

we identify your intellectual framework based on the priority of the 3 generic concepts (o,e,g) of man-made destiny around the 4th of the p-intellect. As a baby, you were a PROMISE; then you began to try FULFILLING your own agenda. However, what did not work simply became a DESIRE up to a trauma. In that field of tensions, you were polished like a diamond to become your UNIQUE SELF and developed your intellectual framework and within it, your PROCEDURES in your ?0-illusion of the consequences; on one of the above 6 levels of trying to get noticed in society. Meanwhile it works more or less for you in your interactions as a “critical parent" towards becoming a “grown-up", and where that fails, get stuck as an “adapted child", hopefully still with the potential for synergy as the inner "natural child" you X-truly are and are here for to fulfill your work/life balance with.


Example: Here is a fearful "Christian"/academic scribe %1-voice towards "Crucify him!"; a Phoenix still at ease in his ashes seeking company for in those circles they believe it is easier to die in the crowd. This can make you speechless for it makes no sense, and that is what those in the the %1-circles have in their minds; making the mass speechless so their own voice prevails:
"To be honest, i do not fully understand you and see that we are not speaking the same kind of language - i.e. i dont get your points. As i struggled with this throughout our email conversation i just want to raise this point again, that i want to ask you to use simple language during the weekend, so that one can understand what you mean, without studying your "models" in depth a priori. Words like "Zeitgeist" are made for misunderstandings, so i would rather follow the KISS principle, Keep it simple and stupid. I m still curious about your input and hope that you will take a lot out of this weekend, but i m asking to help keeping the Christian start-up weekend a fun environment as all other 20 participants (similar than you) do this in their free time, after maybe a stressful week at work."

The fact is, Jesus left us the Holy Spirit; the above voice insists to be a group spirit director just as did the Pharisees, thus self-condemned from the Holy Spirit. The latter voice supports you in your conscience where you are o-open for your innate life-task to the e-end of fulfilling it and thereby your life where your have a willingness to g-generate what that entails.

And here is what a non-academic synergy partner made out of it as an eye opener:

Human Systems fulfill the relevant options of their substance;
OPTION II can be modeled with relevant open-ended generative principles!
The ZG-zeitgeist makes people dance around its prevailing icons;
in permanently self-destructive ways from to Golden Calf, among others to Stephen Hawking,
as a
science idol; we rather need a sustainably lifefulfilling think-system - here you find it!

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