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The Time has come to overcome the still prevailing intellectual frame work of knowledge work! Its thinking catastrophes evoke the kind of human catastrophes we can no longer afford! And that should be the onset to consider to have the prevailing OPTION I know-ledge work to be reframed by a critical number of people who are fulfilling their tasks with their innate OPTION II conscience!
The capability to experience that, I call soul...

The LifeFulfilling CONSULTING Foundation (LFCF)

What you do not understand leaves you with life-long angst - suppressive fear; people thus end up miserable, even if they have access to almost everything instead under the OPTION I where they have to fulfill collective expectations. Only if you give up recreating a world where everything fits perfectly together like a bestseller, can you overcome the otherwise justified fear, that if you change just one element in the fake-world, all your life collapses! This is unlike the first hand created world and your self with your truthful inner life. Then you become ripe to realize that your inner life is in the end more important than the material-intellectual-mental-emotional outer word and its spin aiming at overwriting your conscience.

Living in that today's world with micro-dosed chemical and mental drugs has become like past science fiction while actually it still follows the antique OPTION I. In fact, it exhausts people keeping on escaping it, within it. They get at best left with happy memories about their childhood and their own, not yet socially conditioned children. But in the end, with still some substance left, we all innately want to understand what is was all about, and being understood in trying to fulfill it. That is what LFCF, based on Applied Personal Science#3 APS©, provides in terms of

conceptual and experiential support to individuals as life entrepreneurs, who are as such, responsible for human systems. So let us learn to tune our mindset to whom we innately are and what we are here for; to substantially fulfill
- our nine basic functions F1-9 (innovation, processing, delivery, management, entrepreneurial initiatives, control, influence, coping with necessities, providing a substantial overview)

- in the available 16 social impact dimensions,

- hold together ethically capable to qualify with one's innate potential.

This site gives you the opportunity to

 o-open for the e-end of life g-generating it with your personally relevant p-principles   

                   OPTION II substantial  /  insubstantial under OPTION I
o-open up
(soul/experience-experiment like plants are open for the created environment/for %1-political correctness) with unconscious competence for how the Academy 4 Think-systems has come up with the research for the basics of the TRIGGER for synergy to the
e-end (mortal body/like animals said to follow their instincts, i.e. life purpose/%6-projecting an elevator speech) with conscious incompetence for ACTION with the seemingly creative
g-generation (spirit/enables humans to make their infrastructure/%5-manipulation) with unconscious incompetence beyond simply discussing, aiming for a REWARD, intellectually for
p-principles (mind-intellect introduced by God in paradise, then mislead by the serpent/?0-illusionary *3-egoism towards +2 more of the same -4 avoiding what is not mass-attractive) with FEEDBACK about the
qualification with conscious competence (man-made clothes - images - opinions - morals - guidelines - political correctness - zeitgeist), which are in themselves (ignoring substantially living oeg), in fact formally, collectively closed, thereby permanently self-destructive thinking-catastrophes which evoke the known human catastrophes.

The truly desirable scientific answer to that challenge is modeling the consequences of real human systems, which the Lifefulfilling Consulting Foundation provides the basis for, in order to do justice to also your Life- through Task-Fulfillment. Thoroughly studying this site has also a wide ranging inner experiential side; it can make you open to consider your own OPTION II - provided you have not sold your soul - the capability for inner experience / conscience, to merely under OPTION I prevailing soulless p-principles evoking dramatic thinking catastrophes...

Are you a real human being?

... a consultant or coach in search of substance, prepared to seriously consider opening up for this site about what it points to? Or are you freaking out in view of no longer %1-socially compatible words like "Bible" (check Roman 12;2: Do not conform...), or words like "Jesus", irrespective of what I convey with them; appropriate ways to explain existential relationship truths making sense of one's life's time, which are expressed here, beyond any other loyalty, with relevant letters, colors (too much color-blind persons are advised to ask for help - just as people too hesitant/power greedy to understand...), and also using pointers / abbreviation such as "P-process", which remind people who hated this in inadequately taught mathematics/physics at school, because substantial relationship truth leave no room for insubstantial arguing. Evil on the other side, the art that is not life, has an ordinary face, and its ignorant declinism and extremely carelessness is to be overcome here with unflinching §3-integrity, learning about what can be expressed with open-ended generative principles, usually suppressed with "anything goes" opinions. The former, rather than the latter in discussions is what can solely do justice to personally relevant lifefulfillment! Its motto is "learn to fulfill your task, or lose yourself...". Thus the pointers used on my sites are usually followed up by an appropriate short word definition, e.g. "p-process"; and if you refrain from arguing with your wanting immediate satisfaction, this introductory word is further exemplified in relevant contexts to rather fulfill what at the beginning may seem puzzling and even give more reasons for weak spirits to pretend they don't understand. That excuse usually means, to simply want power over the way a topic is chosen and dealt with the more or less %1-politically correctly conditioned intellect.

There is no short cut to a meaningful whole! And importantly, those pointers, such as "P", are related to each other like variables in mathematics (a2+b2=c2); e.g. t(P)=B, i.e. t=substantial thinking about P-processes is always about relevant B-boundary conditions. This is similar to how your DNA-code g-generates and maintains your body as the basis for your B5-life. This kind of oegp-knowledge work which indicates meaning, is as far beyond the formally closed wordy denotational, intellectual linear plain text t-evolving thinking, just as modern physics has become very different to alchemy since Newton Mathematics allowed to adequately model the lifeless big particle universe with physics. When it comes to real human beings and their human systems they are responsible for in relationship, teams and cultures, neither personally-neutral words of science#2, the humanities), nor content-free mathematics of the hard science#1 up to DNA- and neuro-manipulation and simulation, and certainly not the anything goes art forms of science#0 of expressing are not adequate, only

personally relevant#3 oegp-parameterization to model human systems in life-practically meaningful ways. Rather than tag/word-jumping like a monkey from branch to branch, to come up with a nice-sounding sentence, oegp-thinking requires your conscience to create an inner film in which the options you truly have conceptually understood makes sense; it does not wheel and deal with mainstream topics in discussions: oegp-modeling serves the relevant human entities' innate OPTION II fulfillment - with the capability to experience it, such as children are born with, the soul. And that is what I, with my

My name tag "Peter Meier", with a Ph.D. in Laboratory Astrophysics have been called to pursue since 1979 as my inner vocation. I am neither "Peter", nor a "physicist", ridiculous as that would be, but I am 9Pp, to be understood as a P-process I am here to p-prepare towards my F9-function, i.e. working out the substantial, life-practical foundation for lifefulfilling consulting congruent to my 9Pp call from my being's substance. I support and challenge people/YOU of oegp-principally good will for insights to

tune Your mindset and through it, your business model into to who you innately are and what they are truly here for to fulfill; their innate OPTION II.


Otherwise the resulting outcome is not more peace and harmony, but more oppression, such as through the greatest intolerance and violence evoked by those ignorants who arrogantly hate to suppress above all their own OPTION II! That is the hidden agenda of most present philosophers, scribes, figure heads like Herod, the Pharisees up to Lenin & Co. in terms of all the evil examples religious scribes motivated inquisitive power heads to execute have provided them; among others the Jesuits, as Stalin admitted. Chance are, humanity beats the so far most horrible 20th century in the present one, now already in the Age of Disruption! All of which we have been made to think of as the peak of the ZG-zeitgeist progress by spin doctors. Now they shamelessly call to outlaw anything substantial, first but leaving loop holes for the mighty, out casting and scapegoating, mostly rightly, minor criminals whose crimes PREced the cultivated comfort zone, the TRAP in the elite wants for formalize the ZG-zeitgeist in order to ride it on top, maintaining their positions. However, even more and wrongly, they arrogantly suppress and prosecute what/who TRANScends their otherwise self-destructive trap! Following the Pharisees, who in their temple trapped, favored having trans-Jesus crucified instead of a pre-terrorist, formal religions have become insubstantial, so people radically privatized what is called "belief", now most at the mercy of spin doctors ideologies in the name of secularization and emancipation in fact of throwing out the baby/substance with the bath water/zeitgeist, following the template of the serpent/OPTION I in paradise, promising a more mass-attractive one. That is the way Adolf Hitler first went against real, PRE-perpetrators of the order, to set the scene for genocide; throwing out the TRANS-children/real people who did not suit his TRAP's-bath water...

Which System leads to behavior which is open for real human beings, not just for the "others", generalized as "humans"? Jesus exemplified it with the strongest, possible ideals for practicing sacrificial service, love, generosity, and peace making. He aimed at the very heart and soul of real human beings with his view of reality in tune with the relevant aspect of the H2-superior order of the Creator and his Holy Spirit's intuitive personal hints in each and everyone's conscience. For his §3-integrity to that guidance for his OPTION II, Jesus was crucified, at the cry "Crucify HIM!" by most of his former, Palm Sunday seemingly, merely formal believers who hailed him to be their "king", the Pharisees and scribes, who hated this TRANS-challenge and Pilate the Roma ruler in fear of civil PRE-unrest endangering his rule. Jesus in return for the snapping of this hate- and fear ridden PRE-TRANS-TRAP was praying for their forgiveness. With their non oegp-, against its good will, rather p-bad willed-mindsets, people were self-condemned, easy pray for the elite's spin to make them mob Jesus, they were rendered unable to understand what they were evoking on the one hand, and the OPTION II's new possibilities offered to them in good will on the other hand! The scribes of today, are still cultivating the same anti oegp-mindset with the remaining 23 other basic, misleading  mindsets.

Reflection on the above is meant to lead you to a radically different way of dealing with people, especially those who are different from yourself. It requires understanding that violence and oppression toward opponents cannot be part of the solution; only appropriately modeling real  human people and their systems towards reFRAMEing their mindset and their business models substantially can do it! Therefore this site introduces the relevant oegp-model and its substantiating with who real people innately are; and that is a personally relevant#3 matter!

Can you now muster the civil courage to stand up for the above obvious truth, despite all odds? OR, if everybody would jump of Sydney's Harbor Bridge, would you still jump with them too, mislead to "belief" that it dies easier in the mass link in the trenches of Verdun in World War...

If you're o-openly interested in perceiving/taking your OPTION II inner guidance for true
the prevailing OPTION I which is merely based on

  • being considered by the media as an outstandingly mass-attractive traditional persona/norm,

  • being presented with trendy skills in speaking the language of the masses of the urbane audience,

  • appearing cool/ignorant about doing what people used to call "understand", in favor of being able to continue appealing to mass-attractivity as your fig leaf, relying simply on

  • material up to fake news and hypes from literary classics, bestsellers, philosophy, anthropology, and a multitude of other pseudo-disciplines up to pop culture and media hypes such as those in prevailing science to ignore the Bible as outdated in its meaning, towards not endangering

  • you reputation for making a seemingly intellectually compelling case,

  • having internalize many people's smart convincing reasons to avoid basic questions with

  • mass-attractively valid, well-written, well-researched arguments with enough information to discuss with

  • people demanding to know "what is in 'it' here for me? What is refreshingly fun and gives immediate satisfaction!

  • Never mind what it means tomorrow as long as it congruent to what is pointed out in bestseller views and media hypes,

  • promising to not having to take responsibility about the consequences of insubstantial critic,

  • being able to continue building a reputation as an excellent conversation starter in

  • the above intellectual edifice which actually collapsed Nov. 24, 2016:

Then ask for your FREE Case Study about the

LifeFulfilling Consulting Foundation (LFCF) essentially about
- the consequences of think-systems formatted in
- the four
(o,e,g,p) generic concepts beyond OPTION I man-made destiny

We have come to a historically cultural moment in which both skeptics and believers feel their existence is in jeopardy, still knowing nothing better than blaming each other when the going get tough. We have mostly lost a deeper belief in the former Western Christendom of the past, or in its secular, religion-less society's values that once promised a better future as a sound basis.

The intellectual void of the present Age of Disruption is something new entirely. With globalization it is unparallel to anything before, but with the always waiting oegp-challenge for good willed people to awaken. As OPTION II, it provides people above 15, who now show signs of openness for, and interest in synergy in their own minds and together with others, with personally relevant#3 templates, concepts, formats and models to become part of the solution in the interregnum where the chaff is separated from the wheat!

Based on the LifeFulfilling CONSULTING Foundation, I Responsible make use of, I support people to the e-end of getting clear about the personally desirable options (in English/German). My substantial coaching helps you to implement the mindset that works for real human being by g-generating what are the personally relevant p-principles in their work/life balance fulfillment. The OPTION II of yours will become clear, if you turn away from the outside OPTION I which makes people dream and suffer the loss of their soul in its MATRIX. Only if you consider your inside in terms of your personally relevant OPTION II parameters can you awaken to your innate Life- through Task-Fulfillment. So give your brain a chance to become aware of the lifefulfilling synthesis your inner being is all about, instead of asking for immediate ego-satisfaction with hot air rhetoric! Your OPTION II begins with becoming o-open for perceiving the B4-truth to the e-end of your true concept life- through task-fulfillment, g-generating it a-intuitively, getting clear about the underlying p-principles of the H2-superior order accessibly only in your substantiated oegp-mindset/mental operating system. This is the  one out of 24 possible priorities, whereby the other 23 pull you down to the pego-confusion in this Age of Disruption ..

Our Goal - scaling-up the lifefulfilling thinking procedures

Since Nov. 24, 2016 We can see the writing on almost all wall behind the spin, that we are in the Age of Disruption. However, it is already embellished as the Age of Amazement. Both tags point to the lack of the prevailing knowledge work, focused more on M=manipulation know-how and less and less on O-providing the relevant orientation / know-why for Life- through Task-Fulfillment. Since M / O = STRESS < DEATH, which the Bible has already outlined clearly enough, however, based on history, and John 14:12 this appeal has so far not have had a sufficient impact to save humanity from its own self-destruction! This basic relationship truth asks each and everyone of us to consider it sufficiently! My goal is to support good willed people taking responsibility for their M/O distress towards overcoming it in the lifefulfilling eustress left for real human beings, possible for YOU with your personally relevant inner knowledge work – after all, what are we here for? Certainly not to follow the OPTION I of ignoring the basic questions of life with pseudo ZG-zeitgeist science! Thus our goal is an OPTION II based society on LifeFulfilling Platforms, which can only be implemented from the bottom-up via a critical number of oegp-formatted minds...

In fairness to the Creator, it is time to doubt the hidden agendas of the nihilistic intellectuals for ZG-zeitgeist "based" insubstantial doubts for the sake of IT. I urge skeptics to wrestle with their unexamined "blind faith", and to see how hard, even impossible it is to honestly justify mere hypes to those who do not go along with them - ending up in genocide of some kind beginning within - in the 23 misleading formatted mindsets! I also urge so-called believers and fundamentalists to wrestle with their personal and cultural objections to substantial relationship in B4-truth where their B1-faith is the first inner relationship to the B2-breakthrough on their B3-path which really leads them to real B5-life's fulfillment...

The Basic Thinking-Procedure for dealing with

Demeaning: The experience of content-free#1, mass-attractive, insubstantial arty#0 pop-science hypes about using technology, with which OPTION I promises to sublimate self in the personally-neutral ways#2 of the philosophically mislead humanities, is seen as the challenge to come up with a substantial, personally relevant#3 understanding of one's innate OPTION II of what matters for a lifefulfilling future.

Optimism: In view of the permanently self-destructive dynamic, e.g. some Facebook and political practices, of the still prevailing OPTION I, the state of Applied Personal Science#3 APS© worked out in the (A4ts) is being ready to implement OPTION II; this allows a justified optimism. You can apply for a FREE CASE Study leading to a FREE Synergy Session in which you can find out more than you can imaging about your potential for desirable synergy to raise your think-systems/mindset beyond the OPTION I world.

Optimization: LifeFulfilling CONSULTING Foundation LFCF is the business side of the A4ts and is concerned with Existentially Love-Coding relevant relationships to clarify a supportive procedure of enabling synergy using personally relevant parameters as the relevant orientation on LifeFulfilling Platforms.

Meaning Giving Informatics: Implementing insights to lifefulfillment; within
2 days, making them reproducible in order to reframe the work/life balance within
2 weeks with personally relevant decisions with sufficient inner integrity to
             face the OPTION I temptations typical during some
2 months, so as not to give up on one's newly gained OPTION II; to prevent a dropping back into one's rat race for mass-attractivity. Then being in fear of getting mobbed is overcome; if sufficient, the necessary 222-implementation phase is usually over after 2 months of having accepted a new challenge self-determined, and one's revitalized identity sufficiently internalized is no longer questioned in terms of the formerly known one. The you are taken with your new expression of your identity, and no longer seen as being displaced from the the previous self you were seen with before. People who quit this 222-plans before 30 days almost never show results in anything and the more they argue their confusion out and thus waste their life and other people's time...

In short, this site is about o-opening up towards lifefulfilling e-ends by g-generating what that entails to grow on ones path with truthful p-principles that do justice to one's to be fulfilled X-substance allowing, supporting and challenging others, to fulfill theirs as well, i.e. loving each other as who each really is - what else you want to impose instead???

Human Systems fulfill the relevant options of their substance;
OPTION II can be modeled with relevant open-ended generative principles!
The ZG-zeitgeist makes people dance around its prevailing icons;
in permanently self-destructive ways from to Golden Calf, among others to Stephen Hawking,
as a
science idol; we rather need a sustainably lifefulfilling think-system - here you find it!

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