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The Time has come to overcome the still prevailing intellectual frame work of knowledge work! Its thinking catastrophes evoke the kind of human catastrophes we can no longer afford! And that should be the onset to consider to have the prevailing OPTION I know-ledge work to be reframed by a critical number of people who are fulfilling their tasks with their innate OPTION II conscience!
The capability to experience that, I call soul...

Progress Reports about the LifeFulfilling CONSULTING Foundation
of the

This academy is not an institution of secondary education, nor about higher learning and research, but of lifefulfilling understanding. It offers no honorary membership but challenges you to consider understanding your OPTION II. It is not supported by a worldwide human admiration society composed of professors and of wordily objectifying and media researchers. It has nothing in common with Plato's school of philosophy, trying to convince people of some collective archetypes and "god in man" esoteric psychology, borrowed among others  from the Greek man-mad gods, now published in "enlightening" bestsellers. That kind of school was founded approximately 385 BC at Akademia, a sanctuary of Athena the goddess of wisdom and skill, north of Athens, Greece. It is an "ACADEMY" not for itself with professors  free from  OPTION II, but a network with real human beings oegp- free to  model the options of human systems in their consequences and relationship truth towards the basis for Lifefulfilling Platforms. Its aim is to provide the basic concepts and ways to desirably 222-internalizing them to overcome the self-destructive OPTION I organizations before the point of NO return. So this also has nothing to doe with church or a sect; it does not spiritually or otherwise glorify itself in the name of a man-made prescribed "god". I wish I had a more appropriate tag that is generally understood than "academy". A tag that suggests caring for the innate purpose the Creator created each and everyone of us for, and accounting for the a-inner relationship truth to be made sufficiently available in one's conscience. This OPTION II is hardly to be found in any institution so far; quite the opposite, it is denounced as not to be %1-socially compatible, excluded, feared and hated under OPTION I. This entails the threat of being mobbed and worse...

The is not about P-promoting appearances S-supported with wordy slogans and persuasive language; it is a LifeFulfilling Platform for participating real human beings, who after due A-analysis with Applied Personal Science#3 APS©, are  free to  adequately parameterize real human systems (individuals, their relationships, teams up to cultures) in terms of what is of life-long relevance. In comparison to hard science#1 research institutes with results that need to be understood in people's workshops in terms of non-negotiable terms of content-free consequences, to prevent Titanic type disasters, they are modeled numerically. In the ruling palaces, ruler/politicians command managers in the positions they assign and finance, to justify their power with wordy science#2 of the humanities, which stemm from their universities' courts of "humanistic" mutual admiration societies. The temple/media's priests, peers and spin doctors position are established  free to  use anything that goes in their ivory towers, with ?0-illusionary spin and ritual forms/art science#0 to put themselves expressively like the Vatican as the sole universal church, or as the media, above the palace/emperor, formatting the ruler's and the thus to be ruled people's mindsets to unite them under OPTION I!

Beyond the thus mass-attractively %6-projected %1-politically correct ZG-zeitgeist's %5-mindful-manulative MATRIX, C-consider examining the difference between

  • intellectually putting a tag on everything and everybody thus putting things and people in a p-mental TRAP floating in the ZG-zeitgeist and then dealing exclusively with suppressing whatever is void of any such moral principles PREceeding the wordy, intellectual cult in literature and poesy, as barbarian as seen in any cultivated TRAP. That establishes the prevailing mass-attractive sound of the meaning of tags until that is emancipated from what the tag originally pointed to. Even if that approach is bound to collapse, which it has actually already on Nov. 24, 2016, its dynamic still moves away like a zombie from oeg-TRANScending such self-destructive traps, even when they are about to go a step further already at the abyss .

    By now, some leading theologians in Zürich, 500 years after Zwingli's reformation, can only find a common denominator for the tag "God" with the denotation of a "strong literary figure", now fading away in most minds flushed with the zeitgeist's information flood. And most of the prevailing sciences follow that zeitgeist, and go along to reduced it all, up to the brain, to "reality" to be manipulated by Lego-mentality! At CERN they tinker with the concept of "God particles" and black holes dreaming of re-engineering the universe and itself. Lacking a better narrative, they see themselves not as "God's children", but rather as an accident that emerged like phoenix out of its former ashes, eventually out of nothing. Thus they just dramatize the intellectual black hole, philosophy is in itself; sucking every entity into its pre-trans-trapping edifice of tags, merely as a mental device/thing at its service. Nowadays even hard science uses zeitgeist hypes which competes and overwrites with its own understanding, e.g. that such formally closed systems are self-destructive! And so OPTION I converges top-down in the life=>evil hype, %6-projected as a scientifically proven factual agreement, that the meaning of life is a chemical-physical process; a concept for which they can get a budget from the temple conditioned palace...

However, before the point where reframing of such thinking catastrophes becomes impossible, there is still time before human catastrophes/rockets strike, YOU can still become part of the solution for and on LifeFulfilling Platforms on the bases on your OPTION II of making use of

  • modeling real human systems in terms of their inner relationship truths based on identifying their relevant X-substance. This is, on another level altogether similar to modeling the laws of physics towards sustainable technology: At the beginning of the relevant level of life, the word was with God, and God was the word/logos/H2-superior order with an active interest in our conscience aiming towards our individual personally-relevant#3 lifefulfillment.
The Academy4.think-systems is concerned with working out the OPTION II basics
towards reframing knowledge work to serve the real human beings lifefulfillment
The Master-ELC site is about Existential Love-Coding human relationships
versus the prevailing Hate-Coding to divide humans to fit under OPTION I

Relevant Publications

Mainstream OPTION I sciences are contained within 3 taboos to inhibit OPTION II. Its pre-trans-traps have become more subtle, fearful and ruthless since 1979, and are converging to the end of themselves, which in fact has already happened Nov. 24. 2016. On that day the intellectual world as we knew it before as having formatted our mindsets in its service. Now it has become entirely meaningless in this globalized world in the Age of Disruption sucking also entity with substance into the social media and the growing virtuality MATRIX of the internet of things. That is what philosophy has prepared the ground for intellectually by assuming control of the ZG-zeitgeist; floating the denotations, the general definitions of its key- und punch-words and the nice sounding hypes spinned together with them. This endeavor uses more and more resources to allow the temple elite to prepare riding ahead of every knowledge work as the lead science with definition power. Such is how the intellectual/media elite is preparing the ride of the trend by the palace elite with their position power to get their share as Machiavelli has tried with his princes, with anything goes p-principles and systemic. Such is the birth pain of OPTION II; are you part of aborting it, or a "midwife" bringing it into this otherwise hopeless world?

Human Systems fulfill the relevant options of their substance;
OPTION II can be modeled with relevant open-ended generative principles!
The ZG-zeitgeist makes people dance around its prevailing icons;
in permanently self-destructive ways from to Golden Calf, among others to Stephen Hawking,
as a
science idol; we rather need a sustainably lifefulfilling think-system - here you find it!

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