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The Time has come to overcome the still prevailing intellectual frame work of knowledge work! Its thinking catastrophes evoke the kind of human catastrophes we can no longer afford! And that should be the onset to consider to have the prevailing OPTION I know-ledge work to be reframed by a critical number of people who are fulfilling their tasks with their innate OPTION II conscience!
The capability to experience that, I call soul...

The Time has come 4U2 Understand Your OPTION II

Imagine there IS a science#3 to support your understanding about who you are and what you are here for; would be interested in updating your mindset to be able to make use of it towards Life- through Task-Fulfillment? Let us first put the prevailing sciences#0-2-1 in perspective to Applied Personal Science#3 APS©:

With all the intellect and the knowledge work, that seemingly moved us out of Dark Ages, humanity is sliding into the Age of Disruption, to the point of NO return, the abyss of self-destruction. And all begins in human minds not even understanding themselves. It's time for the OPTION II, it is time for whoever is still responsible on your side to respond to towards L2-timely exchange of project-oriented competence.

The lifefulfilling OPTION II point to your 16 essential inner challenges: Their inner voices in your conscience are gentle among the 8 loud, coercive,  dark, inner evil ones of the still prevailing OPTION I on its rise to self-destructive incompetence. The voices of your inner challenges are calling for your vocation, first to understand its X-meaning out of 1723 possible ones, one of which does justice to any human being, i.e. 2u2, to you too. When the 16 are considered more clearly than the 8, you become sufficiently aware to assess the personally relevant consequences in giving meaning to any of the 24 voices in your life. You are free to chose wisely your self-determined single choice of one out of 24 possible mindsets, depending on your understanding of the real meaning of your existence. Your destiny is set more desirably in the only one mindset which does justice to your OPTION II, and less in the other possible 23 intellectual hype-prone ones.

This site introduces how your choices can be parameterized for you to choose and implement your OPTION II amidst the "burning thorny bush", the OPTION I world has evolved into since the Fall:

o-personally relevant#3 opening up for the Creator) God created Creation, Creatures and among them, Adam, then he named things, the words still with him, and HE, the word, i.e. the Logos of HIS superior order. And since it is not good that man is alone just with animals in Creation, God created an equally meaningful helper for man out of one of Adam's rib. And that man called her "woman" in a first intellectual act of taking God's creation and his word about it all into his own hands! And then the intellectual evolution continued up until the point popes could pretend to be God's deputy on Earth, and according to individuals like Nietzsche & Co., "God" could then be declared intellectually meaningless, dead, and is seen by today's intellectuals, at best, as  "a strong literary figure". Be assured this site is not intended to be religious, but it is ignorant to arrogantly ignore the meaning of the Bible in the formation of above all the personally neutral science#2!

LifeFulfilling Consulting Foundation: However, beyond organized M-manipulation science and the zeitgeist, some people, hopefully you too, those who are still aware of what is going on, experiencing it with their soul's capability, have in this world an unmet need to understand who they innately are and what they are here for to fulfill in order to O-openly consider that as the orientation in their life...

There are 2 Foundation Narratives to face: The mass-attractivity of the zeitgeist in the OPTION I world; the "burning thorny bush", and the one behind it pointing you to your OPTION II. This site supports you in fulfilling your lifefulfilling tasks and helping you to be able to discern your options ...

LifeFulfilling Platforms: Before the point of NO return beyond the self-destructive dynamic of OPTION I based organizations and institutions, you can become part of the solution. For that purpose, OPTION II can be adequately parameterized for each and everyone of us as the basis for synergy among each other to overcome the above mentioned fall in the sins of emancipating from OPTION II, and the horrid consequences we all know enough about from our own experiences, and from human history...

Synergy is the open-ended generative answer of the three branched tree of life beyond the otherwise unavoidable intellectual trap of the one-branched tree of p-principle knowledge. The p-disrupting information flood, the fire of passion it evokes, and the resulting confusion and chaos is what most of the some 10'000 million people who have ever lived, had to end an unfulfilled life in. Who opts for the contrary of synergy within the Creator's order is not aware of the challenge of the...

e-personally-neutral#2 end of the ultimate fight of God versus the Serpent) The latter made Eve turn to the one (human opinions) branched tree of more M-manipulation know-how to become superior to Adam. So the "woman" could make him follow her. That aroused the flaming sword/zeitgeist, flashing back and forth to chase people away from the three branched tree of life leaving Adam and Eve and their offspring's godless to the end, that now even you are not just symbolically hindered to... 

Get the gist of what your existence means: However, I hope, you having not yet sold your soul to OPTION I, you still experience the need to understand the red thread in human history, that of the intellectual assault to inhibit any OPTION II via the opinionating mutation-market selection evolution of a personally-neutral#2 culture which simply encourages everything else to go but personally-relevant science#3. That "mentally racist" inhibition has lead among others to anti-Semitism and the holocaust; if this leaves you cold, you have lost your soul between the

  • fear of falling to your bottom intellect, after giving in to your ambition towards the peak intellect possible for you, and the

  • hatred of those who point to your responsibility - in this pre-trans-trapping mindset Cain murdered his brother Able in order to survive with his OPTION I prone tribe... 

Present Age of Disruption: This site reveals your 16 OPTION II voices within the disruptive fire of the one-branch / one-track minded intellect prevalence in the OPTION I world.  The latter is now globally manifesting like a torch burning itself out. My goal is to enable you to make use of the O-orientation knowledge this site provides towards understanding of what allows you to set your mind to fulfill your inner call with your inner resources, i.e. to what you have access to via the fruits of the relationship truths of the three branched tree of life. On the other side, in hateful arrogance of the cause of fear and ignorant of the following basic equation of human existence:

 M / O = STRESS< DEATH-Collapse-Human Catastrophe

all that is left to people deprived of catching up with cultivating M by expressing O in a meaning-giving way is to...

g-generate man-made anything goes#0 "human"made, artfully disruptive cultures) Blind to the struggle of Jesus/substantial reality versus Satan/insubstantial intellectually evoked chaos, Adam Eve's offsprings went from being nomads to farming. That allowed humans to increase in number. That resulted in them getting affected by sicknesses in their body and soul, and their inclinations turned more and more evil, having learnt nothing from the fall. When they began wasting each other's lifefulfillment, God ordered Noah to organized a salvage operation for the right one's to survive the flood. And afterwards the survivors' offsprings for the third time tried to outplay God introducing slavery to build the Tower of Babel for the elite to make a name for themselves. The consequence was confusion of their language and culture, then their dispersion beyond their land. Eventually Abraham initiate two polarizing cultures which have led up to today's Israel and now surrounding it, the Arab antichrist culture. First the Jews were brought into slavery in Egypt, and then as part of their their nation building, Moses led their EXODUS. Earlier before the flight from Egypt had even begun, God had called Moses from within the burning bush and later during the Exodus gave him the Ten Commandments. In the meantime, before they even saw God's personally-neutral laws#2, his people mobbed Moses in his absence and betrayed God with the idolatry#0 around Golden Calf. From then on Israel rose and fell, until God, still loving the world, send his son, i.e. when enough people were ripe enough to understand cause/God and effect/Jesus in the reality of their inner world. Eventually having preached, forgiven and healed, Jesus, manifesting God's reality in his substantial and superior order, had to face, as you have too, the man-made

Faculties of the Ruling Order#0>2>1 in need of Consulting advice towards reframing mankind to serve OPTION II, rather than insubstantial, becoming even more of a curse to humanity. Let us face it, the intellectual, once wise Solomon ended up becoming the curse to the Jews in convincing them to follow him in his FALL under OPTION I! And that laid the basis for Jesus urgent resurrection. In our time that means beginning with YOU reframing your mindset to support the fulfillment of your substance to become part of the solution. To that end,...

Your business model and mindset should do justice to your life- through task-fulfillment; give no room to anything disrupting and pre-trans-trapping your soul anymore! Be informed that you cannot serve your God given life and the p-Mammon/mass-attractivity! Once being part of the latter, the window of opportunity for the former closes, until you are part of the problem! What remains unresolved disrupts and hollows your soul out, which results in you losing touch with your OPTION II. The video below shows what the best of OPTION I science can achieve in view of its self-destructive dynamics: 

After the reoccuring lose-lose situations with business models I, by which people try to maintain the world at the abyss of OPTION I, its SCIENCE I can introduce more objectification and de-emotion-alization to survivors of its misuse. That approach can at best procrastinate about acknowledging OPTION II by extending the influence of OPTION I, such as with game- and negotiation technology now globally enhancing OPTION I in more minds; top-down. However, Donald Trump has meanwhile voiced people's frustration with this kind of rule of intellectual laws#2 to be applied for alibi power-politics. Along with the philosopher Leo Strauss Trump is reframing the  New World Disorder  back onto the track of the Inter-National-socialist Darwinism (America first). Despite the hope that this power-approach was dealt with peace-dividends after the fall of the "Evil Empire" of communism in 1989, in fact it has crept up among other places in North Korea and Iran, and in the OPTION I legal loop holes with the hidden agendas of the elites. After the seemingly benevolent imperial rulers began to scientifically work out ignorantly, the at first sight, technology enhanced, glamorously mass-attractive success, their final fall began with their arrogantly evoked World War I with millions in the trenches of a stalemate. After that unavoidable failure, alibi-democrats (e.g. Germany's principally NATIONAL-socialist Weimar Republic) ho replace the Emperor, failed. This allowed  Hitler to prepare his NATIONAL-socialist spin to prepare World War II with the hidden agenda for revenge by eliminating the hated Jews as scapegoat for the German misery after Worlds War I. Germany's defeat resulted in the demoralizing Versailles treaty. To overcome it, Hitler became popular and successful till 1941, with the momentum for Germany and half the world to march once more into the abyss, and a step further. And science was instrumentalized to optimize the spin and the technology for mutual destruction - the other, the hard way of diplomacy according to the philosopher Machiavelli, Marx &Co., applied by useful idiots like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler & Co., leaving templates for global managers. Why not? After all OPTION II has been demeaned by OPTION I in mutual non-understanding mistrust and disruptive rhetoric, which has moved humanity into the present  Age of Disruption  already embellished lucrative for Google, Facebook, Media & Co. as the Age of Amazement. Such results are evoked by philosophers, ultimately compelled to "transcend" not merely the dimension of common political opinions, by disrupting the dimension of political and social life as well. Moreover, the philosophers imply that the highest subject of political philosophy is the philosophic "life" itself, i.e. the insubstantial, virtual NON-life with philosophy as in fact not teaching a body of knowledge, but a way of NON life, merely the verbal art, pretending to offer, as it were, the solution to the problem it in fact IS! That is what keeps political "life" in motion; inhibiting understanding, formerly executed by the gray eminences, now the spin doctors; according to the Bible all this will not have the last word. But in the meantime this evil spin to rule the world will continue up to the final power-game of Armageddon.

Do not get blinded by the 3 intellectual taboos against
1) story-telling,
2) using metaphors beyond OPTION I and,
3) against you making up your own mind about the world, and beyond it to give meaning to your OPTION II, which the former p-principally denigrates in the name of its pre-trans-trapping so called ego-taboo...

This could be the LAST CALL you get to join the courageous cooperation in synergy with an educational impulse for inspiration and networking to allow synergy in your own work. Lacking synergy, your soul might cry like Asaph in Psalm 83: "O God, do not remain silent; do not turn a deaf ear, do not stand aloof, O God. 2 See how your enemies growl, how your foes rear their heads. 3 With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish. 4 “Come," they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more." Up to our time Israel is still surrounded, as it has been for some 3000 years, by enemies, religiously cemented, now by the Koran, misused as a scapegoat for corrupt regimes and international power-politics, supporting mental and physical terrorism, seducing and misleading its people, after Nazi Germany, focused on erasing the Jews, as a smoke screen to annihilate also your OPTION II. Israel is now threatened by Iran, which wants to eliminate it from the map; an atom bomb on Tel Aviv would do it their islamist mullahs proclaim and stir people up to work for it. What if "Israel" also stands as an image for the despised and hated intellectual bottom line of your OPTION II and its enemy for OPTION I, from which you still hope for a return on investment for that part of your soul/inner honesty you have already sold? To deal with that inside of yourself words are not sufficient; open-ended generative principles are and that is what this site is all about...

p-content-free#1 principles about all I mentioned above beginning with those of the the poisonous cup of human's wickedness (zeitgeist > papal rule > mass-attractive ideologies > disruptive spin) Jesus had to drink/experience in the garden of Gethsemane before humiliation and crucifixion up to what resurrection and Pentecost can mean for you in our time. You can learn about the evil gepo-mindset's consequences on your life, as on humanity, Jesus had to face when he was betrayed by Judas to be be crucified. In his oegp-mindset he kept up to resurrection, Jesus left us God's Holy Spirit again as a flame, now the everlasting one. And yet, humanity is still in the same pgeo-confusion as ever, now possibly close to the great filter for any human system up to civilization that determines to be or not to be anymore. All of the above is pointing to the meaning of what is worked out on this site. So this site is not about any religious hypes, nor any other OPTION I discussions; it points to relationship oegp-truths accessible in life-practical ways for you too, with the relevant parameters of your X-essence together with...

Useful Hints: Longing for learning about how to experience life-through task-fulfillment in everyday's life and business, the time has come to exchange our insights as did the early Christians on Pentecost, now accounting for all the OPTION II "pearls" left more than ever unrecognized in humanity's history, as well as using advanced ways to deal with our challenges. All of this is supported by topnotch information- and modeling systems serving to express and implement the available

Free Case Studies: How would you like to understand the one mindset in which you can grow predictably in any situation; with or without opinions as long as you remain conscious about fulfilling your essence? I hope you are now ready to face the...

Elevator Pitch about the still everywhere missing, now for those who are ready, the life-practically proven, operational Applied Personal Science#3 APS©:

supporting you in your

Life Management's Responsibility for your self-determined Life-Fulfillment at the

Crossroad of Self- and Other-Determinedness in need of what is required to face your

Challenge of Understanding versus Appearance...  

Human Systems fulfill the relevant options of their substance;
OPTION II can be modeled with relevant open-ended generative principles!
The ZG-zeitgeist makes people dance around its prevailing icons;
in permanently self-destructive ways from to Golden Calf, among others to Stephen Hawking,
as a
science idol; we rather need a sustainably lifefulfilling think-system - here you find it!

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